A.I artwork gets copyright – using Midjourney

A woman's face with the words AI artwork gets copyright using Midjourney.

Hello and welcome back to another Prompt Me video. Today we are going to be talking about getting AI artwork copyrighted. We are going to be talking about the case of Chris Cassanova who is an AI researcher in the US. She applied to the US Office of Copyright for her comic book that was generated in midjurney. The comic, which is named Zaya of the dawn, is the first known AI generated comics to be copyrighted in the US.

Chris is a pioneer of this and she has been open and transparent from the beginning, documenting her process on Instagram and completely open to everybody’s questions and comments they put to her. Chris has also recently revealed the graphic novel was shared and reshared and went on to be viral on several social media networks. Kris went on to say someone shared it on Twitter and without the credit she was told it went viral. So looking at the Zara observante you may see that the main character bears a resemblance to an actress called Zendaya. And you are right.

As I said previously, Cris has been very open and honest about her process as she has openly said that the main character is based on the actress Vander. And Chris says I use Bandex only in the draught of my graphic novel. It is not finished yet. Only had to copyright it because while I shared my work in progress, someone famous posted it on Twitter without credit. It wasn’t intentional, he just forgot it and I didn’t expect it would go viral.

I was recommended to copyright the draught and then I’ll copyright the finished comic. There you go. And for proof that it has been copyrighted, this is a Chris A certificate of registration. What is really interesting, under the US copyright laws, works created using AI is not usually subject to copyright. Copyright will only be applied if a centrist human being has created the works.

And in theory Chris has done exactly that. She has art directed this comic. She’s been using prompt and input, directing the algorithm to give her the output she required. It’s the first piece of artwork that has been copyrighted in the history of AI. Chris currently has a real human artist over painting the AI artwork, so essentially CCS using it as concept.

Kris has always been transparent about the use of artificial intelligence within the comic. She’s even gone as far to put the journey on the front cover. And with the help of the AI community, the comic has been translated into 15 different languages. The comic is now set to be made into a film. So watch this space for Xiao of the dawn.

There’s big things happening here. Not only has she been transparent about the process, she is now offering tutorials on how to get your AI art copywriting. So head on over to her Instagram page in my description below and follow her for new updates on the comic. I’m very excited to see what happens, because this sets a precedent for AI artworks gaining copyrights. So there you go.

I hope that clears loads of things up for you. Thank you so much for watching this video. I’m a brand new YouTube channel and very new to this, so forgive me if I’m not focused. I’m an AI and art enthusiast, so I absolutely love talking about the new technologies emerging every day as it’s rapidly evolving. So you can catch me on the prompt and use Instagram direct.

Message me if you’ve got any questions or you would like me to COVID any particular subject within the artificial intelligence technology arena. I’ve now got a Facebook and a TikTok. And, again, everything is down in the description box. Thank you so much for watching this, and till next time, that will do it. Bye.

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