Avatar Showdown: D-ID vs. Pipio – Who Reigns Supreme in Text-Avatar Video Creation?

Avatar Showdown: D-ID vs. Pipo - Reigning Supreme in Text-Avatar Video Creation.

As video marketing has become an essential part of any marketing strategy, it is essential to have a video creator that will make your content stand out from the rest. Not all of us are blessed with great presenter skills, looks voice and talent, so that’s where A.I presenters come in handy.

Two such video A.I presenter creators are D-ID andPipio, and in this review, we will take an unbiased look at the pros and cons of both of them.

NOTE: Sorry if the videos take time to load. To make this a fair comparison, I did not compress either video.



D-ID is a text-avatar video creator that uses A.I text to image-generation to create unlimited avatar possibilities. The generated avatars can be used as presenters in the video, providing a more personalized touch to the content. The video creator also includes GPT3 text generation, to provide to option to continue writing, which is useful for those who with a case of writer’s block and might not be sure how to continue a script.

One of the significant pros of D-ID is the voice tone feature that allows you to choose from different voice tones such as a news reporter, chat assistant, angry person, and more. This is a feature that Pipio currently lacks. Additionally, D-ID offers a free trial for five minutes of rendered video time within the first 14 days of sign-up. Something we were happy to see is that API is available starting from the lowest paid tier, making it easy for developers to integrate D-ID into their workflow if required.

On the downside, D-ID can be quite expensive. The lowest tier is $5.99/month just ten minutes, or $300 per month for 60 minutes, which feels rather on the expensive side. The output quality seems okay, but not as good as Pipio if we’re being honest, and the voice quality is also not as good as Pipio’s.

PRICE: $300 a month for 60 Minutes

OUR RATING: 6.5/10



Pipio is another text-avatar video creator that is much more affordable than D-ID.

With the promotion offer of 60 minutes-a-month, for life,  for a one-time payment of $169, or even just 15 minutes (a month for life) for $49 for the less heavy users, Pipio is a much more affordable option. Even when it is not on promotion, their standard price is $20 for 25 minutes, making it an attractive option for those on a tight budget.

One of the most significant advantages of Pipio is the quality of the animations, which are almost human-like and touch the boundaries of uncanny valley. The video creator offers the option to create your own custom LifeLike avatar for a one-time payment of $250 if you want to clone yourself, and this comes with an expected 5-7 day turnaround for creation. The voice audio is also much better, sounding very natural, and includes breaths and little pauses as you would expect from a real person.

Pipio also offers better background customization, allowing for greenscreens, shapes, text, and other elements to be added to the video. However, there are fewer avatars to choose from, with around 28 unique avatars. There are more (54 in total), but they are variants of the others, such as different clothing, different zoom levels, etc. Unfortunately, API is only available at the enterprise level for the moment.

PRICE: $169 for 60 Minutes FOREVER.



After weighing the pros and cons of both D-ID and Pipio, it’s evident that both platforms offer unique features that cater to different needs. D-ID offers unlimited avatar possibilities and GPT3 writing options, while Pipio offers better animation quality, natural-sounding voice audio, and more affordable pricing. However, when considering all factors, Pipio emerges as the clear winner for those looking for a text-avatar video creator.

Pipio’s superior animation quality and customization options provide a more realistic touch to the videos, while its ability to create your own LifeLike avatar adds a personal touch that can be beneficial for businesses looking to create a strong brand identity. Additionally, Pipio’s affordable pricing model makes it accessible to a wide range of users.

While D-ID’s unlimited avatar possibilities and GPT3 writing options can be appealing, its high pricing and lower output quality make it less attractive for most users. In contrast, Pipio offers a more balanced set of features that cater to most users’ needs.




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