Creating SEO-Optimized AI-Generated Product Pages in 10 Minutes or Less – A Tutorial

Creating SEO focused, Original Content with A.i

Creating quality content for ecommerce stores or affiliate stores can be a difficult task, but with the right tools and guidance it can be made much easier. One such tool is Katteb, which offers a Credible Writer function that allows users to create original content based on just one URL source. This feature makes it stand out from other AI writing tools as it ensures that the output is fact-checked and all numbers, stats, dates, prices and specifications are accurate. In this tutorial, I will use this program to create content from an Argos catalogue product page. By following these steps, you can easily create original content for your store that is both engaging and informative.

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Hi, guys. Today I’m going to be making a tutorial on how to create original quality ranking content for ecommerce stores or in your affiliate store. This method can be extended to any other type of content creation, actually. So what I will be doing is be taking a random product from here and creating content out of it. This is actually the Argos website, so to get started, I’ve created a dummy page.

This is my Prompt Muse new store for selling and buying furniture. So to get started, we’re going to be using a fabulous programme that I wrote about previously, actually. But I want to start doing a series of tutorials, and that is Katteb, and we’re going to be using a function of theirs, Credible Writer. What makes this difference to all the other AI tools is basically an issue that happens with a lot of AI tools is it makes things up. The information that is in the output, the results of the AI writing, cannot be fully trusted because a lot of the numbers, stats, date figures, prices, specifications, a lot of it is just gibberish.

This is what Keteb stands out a there or their other templates for long form content is fact checked, so you don’t have so much of an issue with it making things up. But more specifically, what we have here with Credible Writer is we can ask the AI to do certain instructions, but only use one URL as a source. Obviously, you could also use other things like PDFs and docs if you parse them and give them a URL. But for this, we’re just going to be using it as a normal standalone URL and we’re going to be making our content from the Argos catalogue. So, as mentioned, this is the website I made just for the demo purpose.

And I’ve created a product page using advanced custom fields. If you want me to go into details on how I did that, we could do that for another tutorial, let me know down below. But for this case, we’re just going to be doing product descriptions, specifications, and here’s one I made earlier. So we got original content here about the product information, a table FAQ and even client reviews. So I’m going to show how I made all of that out of the Argus catalogue.

So, to get started, let’s pick a random. I don’t know what would be. Let’s have a look at the beds.

So you could do this with any product. So let’s start by taking these pictures from my new website. I don’t recommend stealing pictures from websites. This is just for demo purpose, so make sure that the images that you use, you have the rights to use them a few moments later. All right, so first thing we need to do is take the URL of the web page that we’re working from and then go over to Katab and put it in there.

So what we want first is a description.

So you get the command here. Write a happy product description. So tell the voice and what it’s doing.

I found if you do enthusiastic, it starts throwing and where it’s like, Whoa, hey. And all that. So we’ll stick with happy. Write a happy product description. And we want it to be a paragraph.

There we go. The programme is for smaller bedroom providing classic style. Perfect. So let’s take that and put it over to our new product page. There, we done.

Description done. Now we want a table. So what I did here is we can take this information, which is they’ve done as a listicle, and we’re going to make this into a table.

I’ll actually use another programme for this. So this is creative AI. They have a thing similar to Jarvis, where you can just tell the AI what you want it to do and like magic, it will just provide it back. So create a two column HTML table with this information.

Paste that in there, create and there we go. Single bird mattress.

So that one looks better because it’s got the headings. So let’s take that and we’ll paste that in here. Voila. FAQ. So we’re going to go back over to Katab and we’re going to say, using the URL again, product FAQ.

And we’re going to change that over to FAQ. And we want this to do three variations. It will give us some duplicates, but we will delete them. Super. How big is the bed?

Does it come with mattress? Is it suitable for adult use? Are there any other products collection? These are quite good. What is a Brooklyn made of?

Is there a ladder? No duplicates yet. All right, one duplicate. Awesome. So let’s take that and put that over into our product list.

Let’s knead this up a bit by highlighting questions and making them bold. Okay, and now onto product benefits. We’re going to need at least five of these and they to have titles. So let’s do product benefits with subheadings. It would help if I could type and maximum variations and paragraph.

And let’s run that few times to see what we get. Awesome. So let’s just paste this in, copy that, bring it over, paste it, do a space, make that a heading and then add an image. When adding images, make sure that you use the Alt tag as the product title for as the keyword for SEO purposes. And done.

And then just do that to the other couple. And then we can move on to reviews. For the review, we want it to be first person customer review positive. Let’s generate that with the reviews. I noticed that it does repeat the start.

So the way to get around that is just delete the first sentence.

These are kind of similar and let’s delete that one.

And then all we need to do is copy that and paste it into our reviews. And then put it in bracket quotation marks and give it a customer name. Obviously, I don’t advise on doing fake reviews, but this is one way to do it if you did want to do it. And that’s it. Now we simply save and preview.

And there we go. Our five minute product page is complete.

Specifications FAQ. We have our reviews. I ran that through Market News. It got a 36 out of 36, which actually beat the Argos one argos got 32. And if we’re comparing it to all the other companies that go after this keyword, we are beating nearly all of them.

Apart from this one website, which is knocking it out of the park. I did a plagiarism. Cheque 94% unique. The 6% is kind of expected because you’re talking about a product, so things like titles and stuff are going to be similar. And then I ran it through an AI writing detector, and it says it’s 100% generated by humans.

Awesome. And that’s it. That’s how you create your 100% original nonplay to write 100% human written SEO. Focus product Page contents under ten minutes. Any questions or tutorial ideas, feel free to comment below and take care.


Q. What is Keteb?

A. Keteb is an AI-based program that helps create original and fact-checked content for ecommerce stores and affiliate stores. It helps create content such as product descriptions, specifications, tables, FAQs, and reviews quickly and accurately.

Q. What makes Keteb different from other AI tools?

A. One of the main differences between Keteb and other AI tools is that the information in the output from Keteb’s Credible Writer function is fact-checked, so you don’t have to worry about it making up inaccurate numbers or stats.

Q. How can I use Credible Writer to create content?

A. With Credible Writer, you can give instructions to the AI program to use one URL as a source when creating content such as product descriptions or specifications. You can also use other sources such as PDFs or documents if you parse them into a URL format first.

Q: How do I create a product page for my store?

A: You can use advanced custom fields to help you create a product page for your store quickly and easily. To learn more about this process in detail, check out our tutorial series on creating original quality ranking content for ecommerce stores or in your affiliate store!


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