Discover OpenAI’s Powerful Hidden Tool: Codex


Hello everyone! Today I’m very excited to introduce you to Open AI Codex, a powerful AI tool that allows you to create amazing applications and games with just a few lines of code. It’s a great way to get into AI development with minimal effort and knowledge, and the possibilities are endless! With Open AI Codex, you can create graphical games, calculators, web applications, and much more. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use and access – all you need is the URL and you’re ready to go! So don’t wait – check out Open AI Codex today and start creating your own AI applications.



Hello GPT-3ers. 

It’s Alex here. As you may have noticed, right now, everyone and their dog is talking about GPT-3. GPT four. And let’s not forget GPT chat. You can’t turn on YouTube currently without seeing another video. Don’t get me wrong, I personally am loving the public attention AI is suddenly getting, but there is one major Open AI model that has not received nearly enough attention. One model that if you on YouTube, you’ll probably find five or six results.

Now, I’m not entirely sure whether OpenAI have deliberately made the decision to hide it from the public, as it’s not clearly visible anywhere on their front facing web pages, yet it’s still super easily accessible if you know where to look. I am, of course, talking about from Role, please open AI codex, which is what Chat Gptpt is to text, but to application development. With only a few lines of code, you can create graphical games, calculators, webcam applications and a lot more.

This is prompt news. Let’s dive in. Okay, let’s preface this by saying I am by no means a developer, which makes this even more interesting for me, as suddenly something out of my reach, which may have taken me years to learn or even to try and make, or at least been a hefty investment, is now accessible with only a few lines of text.

By the way, I’ve included the URL to access the codexandbox in the description below, though it does have a few bugs that I’ve run into, which are quite annoying things. Like it hangs when you do too many instructions, or sometimes when you delete an instruction, it kind of remains in the cache and still affects the programme, and so it should be gone. So these are some things it still needs to iron out, but aside from that, well, it’s amazing.

Okay, let’s jump into this and mix something together. Okay, so here we are. This is the Codex sound pits. So let’s jump in and try and make something. Let’s try and make a little game. So let’s first have okay, hang on a second. Let’s find a little picture of a spaceship. Oh, add this to the bottom of the page. Size 100 pixel height. Okay, so the issue we have there is I didn’t do Https, so let’s copy that, delete it, try that one again. Https spaceshipness I don’t want to bore you of me making stuff, and this isn’t a tutorial, it’s more of a kind of public announcement saying, hey, Cheque, this cool stuff out.

So I’m going to fast forward through me using it, just so you can get some ideas of how to use it and things that it’s capable of. By all means. I’m not an expert at this, so it can do a lot more than I’m currently using. So, anyway, enjoy.

Okay. And on that note, I’m going to wrap it up today. That was a quick one. I hope you enjoyed it. So, yeah, cheque it out, see what you can make and please share with me. I’m very interested to see what you can come up with. So please share below your designs and your creations. That’d be amazing. As always, it’s been a pleasure. Please like and subscribe. It means a lot to me. And, yeah, I’ll speak to you soon. Take care. Bye.

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