Expedia Debuts ChatGPT-Driven Travel Assistant: Get an Early Look on iOS

Expedia GPT4

Leading travel booking platform Expedia has unveiled a cutting-edge chatbot feature powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, according to USA Today.

With Expedia’s latest plugin, iOS users can now chat with an intelligent chatbot to plan their trips. The feature is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to provide a more streamlined and informative travel experience.

“Expedia is committed to delivering a core operating system for the travel industry that’s always evolving,” said Peter Kern, Expedia Group’s vice chairman and CEO. “By incorporating ChatGPT into our app, alongside other AI-driven tools like hotel comparison and price tracking, we’re offering travellers an even more intuitive way to craft their dream vacation.

The ChatGPT-powered travel assistant provides recommendations on various travel aspects, including destinations, lodging, transportation, and activities. As users converse with the bot, the app will automatically save discussed hotels to the user’s “trip” feature, simplifying the booking process.

Expedia has also reassured users that their data will remain private, stating that customer information from ChatGPT searches will not be shared with OpenAI. However, the company may leverage this data internally to improve and personalize the user experience, as Kern explained in a Wall Street Journal interview.

Currently, in beta testing, the feature is exclusively available to iOS users and supports only the English language. Android users will have to wait for access to this groundbreaking travel planning tool.

How does the new Expedia feature work?

Users can engage in conversation with the app, receiving tailored suggestions for destinations, accommodations, and activities. The chatbot saves hotel details from these discussions, allowing users to easily select date ranges, check availability, and add flights, rental cars, and other activities to their itinerary. After the chatbot generates various options, users can review their saved items for the final decision.

Expedia has even released a video demonstration of the feature on Twitter, showcasing the next step in travel planning convenience.

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