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Google set to shake up AI game with new ChatGPT rival, details revealed this week

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a rapidly growing field and Google has been a leading player in this space. The recent launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has kickstarted a new AI arms race and it looks like Google is leading the charge in this latest race. According to recent reports, Google has invested almost $400 million in the artificial intelligence start-up, Anthropic AI, which is developing a rival to ChatGPT. [6]

Google has taken a roughly 10% stake in the start-up as part of a $300 million deal, and Anthropic AI will use Google’s cloud computing services. [1]

Google to Reveal Plans at Upcoming Event

Google has scheduled a 40-minute event for Wednesday, February 8, 2023, where it will reveal its plans for rivalling the successful ChatGPT. The event is being described as a chance for Google to reimagine the way people search, explore and interact with information. [2]

The launch of ChatGPT has sparked a new AI arms race, with Google and Microsoft seemingly leading the charge. Microsoft has already integrated ChatGPT into Bing, with plans to add it to its other products. [8]

Google’s AI Writing Assistant

Before the launch of ChatGPT, Google was testing its own AI writing assistant. However, the novelist Robin Sloan, who was testing the technology, quickly realized that it was of little use to him. [9]

The upcoming event from Google is highly anticipated and is expected to reveal the company’s plans to take on ChatGPT. With the investment in Anthropic AI, Google seems to be taking a serious approach to rivalling OpenAI’s highly successful AI technology. The AI arms race is heating up and it will be interesting to see what Google has in store for the future.

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