Prompt craft for Midjourney – Cheat Sheet

A mural of jimi hendrix on the side of a building.

I have compiled a list of prompts and prompt modifiers for Midjourney, that you can experiment to improve your prompts. Sometimes the simplest, shorts prompts work well. When you are looking for a specific render the below prompts can assist you getting closer to the render you desire.

Basic prompts to use in Midjourney

/settings This prompts actives the settings menu where you can swtich between Midjourney versions, change stylization, render speed etc

/info  Will active your own personal settings, such as your subscription plan.

/subscribe Creates a link to Midjourneys subscription page

Text Weights –iw

Weights can be set to add importance to certain words. The weight is from 0.1 to 5.0 in order of importance, with 5.0 being most important in the prompt e.g..

A beautiful girl iw 0.5 wearing red dress iw 10

The default weight setting is 0.25

iw Can also be used as an alternative to ::

Seed –seed

Bu default Midjourney will use a random seed to generate a render. If you like the particular style of render and wish to replicate a similar style you can set the seed to the same number.

To find a seed number of a render you need to hit reply on the image and click envelope icon. This will reveal the seed number of that render for you to use elsewhere.

Stop — stop

Adding a stop  stop value stops the render at a certain point of rendering. The Stop value starts from 0 to 100. The stop value can be used to create a more stylistic loser styled image.

Chaos –chaos

Chaos creates more randomness to your Midjourney render, it allows Midjourney more freedom with your prompt chaosThe chaos value is from 0 to 100 with 100 giving you image the most chaos.

Negative Prompts –no

If you are creating a moutain render and you do not want trees simply adding  no trees at the end of the prompt will remove trees.

Aspect Ratios –ar

Aspect ratios can have a dramatic output on your end results. Midjourney changes the composition of your prompt to fit the aspect ratio. So it s important to set it appropriately.

If a aspect ratio has too much room, it has the habit of adding another head to fill the dead space.

A beautiful girl wearing red dress ar 9:6

Popular Midjourney Aspect Ratios:






Image References

There are two ways of doing this. Using an image reference and referencing a person or artist. I personally feel it s unfair to reference someone s work but that is up to your own discretion, I m just teaching 

Midjourney image datasets are not infinite, so it my not recognize an artists name or style. To combat this you can use a image of there style in the prompt

You can add an artist name into the prompt to get a style similar to theirs.

Too many details

Sometimes an additional explanation is required on a word for example.

A face of a women

A beautiful symmetrical face of a woman with yield different results. As us, humans understand a symmetrical face is more conventionally seen as more attractive (rightly or wrongly)

no allows is called a negative prompt so if you want a field with no trees, try adding no trees to ensure there are no trees in the final render Midjourney produces for you. It s good practice to use a number to describe multiples, rather than a group of witches it s better to specify the amount

3 Witches

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