Protogen x5.8 AI Model


What is Protogen?

Protogen is a trained AI model (based on stable diffusion 1.5) that has gained significant attention for its ability to generate artistic works. Particularly for its photorealism, with RPG elements and Sci-fi generations. . The latest version is Protogen x5.8 and from the Civitai website to download.

So what’s the hype?
Some even claim that it surpasses the work of Midjourney. Protogen models can be used with stable diffusion into produce art based on user prompts through a user interface, such as AUTOMAITIC1111 WEBUI and InvokeAIs webui.
One notable feature of Protogen is its ability to generate realistic hands in its artwork (most of the time).

Dreamlike-PhotoReal V.2 is the core model of Protogen , this cocktail version adds

  • 5% modelshoot-1.0
  • 20% roboDiffusion_v1
  • 20% MoistMix
  • 20% HASDX

 You can try a preview of the latest Protogen model on the below hugging face page:

Where can I get it?

You can obtain Protogen models from Civitai, a model sharing website. It’s important to note tha there are risks involved in downloadi, models, but all Protogen models on Civitai are free to download. The latest version of Protogen currently available is version x5.8, although new versions are frequently release.

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