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Sagans: The Anonymous AI Collective Taking Over the Music Video World

On this episode of Prompt Muse, we explore the significant role of AI technology in the music industry. We discuss the concept of identity for an artist as AI-generated vocals become increasingly popular, and how it can be a great ally for independent music artists in creating their own videos and music. The podcast features guests from Sagans, an anonymous AI collective that has been producing music videos for popular artists since 2022. We discuss the challenges of keeping up with AI advancements and their impact on creativity, and how it can be used as a tool for faster problem-solving and dream boosting. Tune in to discover the many possibilities for using AI technology to bring ideas to life in the music industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become one of the most versatile and powerful technological tools in recent years, providing users with a wealth of opportunities to explore, create, and express themselves in new and exciting ways.

In the world of music, AI has revolutionized the way musicians create, record, and market their art. From optimizing vocal tracks to generating entirely new compositions, AI is making music more accessible, dynamic, and personalized than ever before.
In this blog post, we will explore the many ways in which AI is transforming the world of music and the exciting possibilities it holds for the future.

The Rise of AI Vocals

One of the most fascinating developments in the music industry has been the rise of AI vocals, which has enabled musicians to create realistic vocal tracks without requiring the services of a professional singer. With AI vocals, musicians can fine-tune the pitch, timbre, and other vocal qualities to suit their creative vision, ensuring the final track sounds exactly as they imagined it.

AI vocals are also useful for people who might not have the self-confidence to sing themselves or who lack the resources to hire a professional singer. By providing a flexible and affordable solution, AI vocals allow artists to experiment with different styles, sounds, and arrangements without breaking the bank.

Collaborating with AI

The ability to collaborate with AI has also opened up new creative avenues for musicians, allowing them to create brand new vocals by combining different AI-generated voices. This makes it possible to create choirs without requiring a large number of singers, providing musicians with greater control over the final product.
In addition, AI can help improve the quality of music videos that independent artists produce, enabling them to create high-quality visuals without the need for expensive equipment or professional crews. This allows musicians to maintain their creative vision while still producing music videos that are visually stunning and engaging for their fans.

Learning from Others

The podcast team at Prompt Muse often discusses their creative process, which involves brainstorming ideas together for days or weeks, testing concepts, and then starting production in a relaxed and casual way. They also rely on hard work and spend hours researching information to learn new things, including the latest AI techniques.

To stay ahead of the curve, they often check Reddit for 10 minutes a day to keep up with the latest technology and advancements. Although some may find AI technology daunting, the team at Prompt Muse believes in adapting their workflow to new technology as it evolves. They remain open-minded and learn by experimenting and transforming assets to achieve their objectives quickly.

Misconceptions About AI

There are many misconceptions about AI, particularly its ability to create videos and music easily and independently. While AI can be used as a tool for creating quick visualizers, human input is still necessary for creating a good story and continuity. Music videos are seen as short films with a soundtrack and require a lot of time and effort to produce.

By suggesting that AI can replace the human touch, creators often find themselves feeling frustrated. Dismissing their work as “AI video” or “AI music” doesn’t recognize the human input and effort involved in the creative process.

AI-assisted Music Videos

However, AI can be a great ally for independent music artists in producing their own videos and music. In particular, is a popular tool used by the podcast team to edit backgrounds that are then added to the video edit on Adobe After Effects. While it is important to present the reality of what happened on the day of the shoot, it is equally important to bring the artist’s creativity and vision to life.
AI-generated music still requires the artist to record the song from start to finish – AI only changes the tone of their voice to match someone else – but previous tracks can be used to create a new track. Working in tandem with AI also allows the artist to produce something of which they are proud.

The Future of AI in Music

As AI technology continues to evolve, the future of music promises to be more exciting than ever before. With AI, artists will be able to explore new creative frontiers while also reaching new and diverse audiences around the world.

AI-generated music may not only be used by independent artists, but also by established stars to collaborate with other artists and explore new musical styles. This could help to expand the boundaries of music as we know it while also creating new and unique sounds that have never been heard before.

Innovation is the key to the future of music and Prompt Muse is committed to bringing our readers the latest developments in AI and music. The podcast and blog team encourages their audience to embrace the power of AI as a creative tool to develop their own unique vision.
As AI technology continues to evolve, it’s exciting to think about what the future will hold for music. With AI, musicians will be able to create more exciting, innovative, and personalized music than ever before, empowering them to take their creativity to new heights and explore new possibilities in the world of music.


1. What are some benefits of AI vocals for artists and producers?
– AI vocals can be useful for people who are not self-confident enough to sing, and they can be merged to create brand new vocals and create choirs without needing many people.
2. How can AI assist independent music artists in creating high-quality music videos?
– AI can give power to music artists to create videos and music on their own, faster than before, and it can be a great ally for independent music artists in producing their own videos and music.
3. How do the guests on the podcast approach video production and what tools do they use?
– They start with walking in a Japanese environment, then edit the video to add a background frame, play with camera movements, and transform assets using Enringing; they use Warp fusion for primary tools and Deform for making scenes more interesting, and Erased backgrounds are edited on Runway.
4. Are there any misconceptions about AI and its ability to create videos and music?
– Yes, some people believe that AI can create videos and music with just one sentence or prompt, but human input is still necessary for creating a good story and continuity.
5. How do independent music artists feel about the use of AI in their work?
– There is frustration among creators when people dismiss their work as “AI video” or “AI music” without recognizing the human input and effort involved.
6. How has AI technology evolved and improved over time?
– When the speaker started with AI technology, there were limited resources available, but now tools like Dalle Fusion are available and powerful, allowing for greater creativity and faster problem-solving.
7. What tools and websites are available to bring creative ideas to life?
– There are many websites and tools available to create 3D visuals and animate drawings, and Runway can be used to achieve dream boosting and generating unique ideas.
8. What is Sagans, and what have they accomplished through their work with AI music videos?
– Sagans is an anonymous AI collective that has been producing music videos for popular artists since 2022, and they have produced videos for Lincoln Park Lawns Entropy and Die Antwood’s Age of Illusion in just one year.
9. How important is it to stay up to date with AI advancements as a creative?
– It is important to be aware of new technology for future use, but it is not necessary to know everything, and it is important to check casually without feeling overwhelmed.
10. How can creativity be enhanced through setting limits and restrictions?
– James Blake created a song by limiting himself to only four notes, and the N-word style and technique were developed mainly through experimentation and prompt.

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