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Waitlist for ChatGPT Pro

OpenAI is introducing a waitlist for the new Pro version of Chat GPT, which will be the first monetized version of the chatbot. According to Greg Brockman, President & Co-Founder of OpenAI, the Pro version will offer higher limits and faster performance.

If you are interested in the Chat GPT Pro version, you can join the waitlist here:
Click here to join waitlist If selected, OpenAI will reach out to you directly.

The reason for the monetization is that OpenAI is currently operating at a daily loss. The cost of running ChatGPT is $100,000 per day, and with many users taxing servers and reaching capacity, usage has had to be limited.

OpenAI estimates that ChatGPT already has over one million users and is growing every day, which means a lot of server usage. Additionally, GPT’s dataset is smaller than Google’s and is quickly becoming out of date. Revenue from the Pro version will allow the company to grow its dataset.

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Sam Altman via twitter

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, had previously acknowledged that the company would have to monetize Chat GPT at some point due to the high costs of running the service. However, Chat GPT-3 dataset is still smaller than Google’s but with the generated revenue, the company could start developing and updating it further.

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