Can ChatGPT dethrone Google?

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We can’t believe it 2022 is coming to an end and AI has made some major strides this year! We’ve seen AI take off in popular culture with tools like DALLE-2 and Midjourney allowing anyone to become an artist in seconds. For years, machine learning algorithms have been working behind the scenes, out of sight. But this latest wave of visible AI applications has taken the world by storm! Now, what’s the talk of the town? ChatGPT vs Google, of course!

The information age

In this age of big data, discovering all kinds of information has never been easier – just type it into Google! I can’t remember the last time I visited the library. The search giant has revolutionized how we find what we are looking for and Alphabet has profited quite well from this. With its complex Page Rank algorithm, regularly tweaked to serve users with more relevant results, Google remains the top search provider, for now. But what if a rival could challenge their position? Other search providers exist, but they have yet to match Google s appeal – they just imitate what’s already out there. Could they revolutionize the sector and unseat Google as the go-to?

David Vs Goliath

Enter David… I mean ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is based on deep learning and a type of deep learning model known as ‘transformers’, which, when trained on large datasets with many-layered networks, can understand text very effectively – all thanks to the ‘attention’ feature that gives the model a headstart on deciding which parts of the input data are most important. Could Google’s dominance be threatened? We’ll have to wait and see!

A new way of Surfing

Your phone can already autocomplete text messages as you type! But, if you keep accepting the suggested words, soon it will run out of steam and repeat itself. That’s why ChatGPT is the new, hot technology that’s making waves in the search engine industry. OpenAI has made it available as a free research preview, and it’s already helping developers debug their code. Plus, it’s interactive and reveals the answer in full, so it feels like you’re having a conversation instead of clicking on links. 

But with that said, Google’s got its very own, transformative natural language model – LaMDA! But, they’ve been taking things slow when it comes to releasing it. We can only guess why. Google can effortlessly serve up search results to countless users in an instant. They’ve been fine-tuning the whole shebang for years to ensure their profits are sky-high. But, AI models such as ChatGPT and LaMDA are resource-hungry and making a loss (for now), and that might be putting the brakes on their success.


The exciting possibilities of ChatGPT have users buzzing! But with all these hundreds of thousands of queries, comes a large price tag, and as of right now, ChatGPT is picking up the bill. From a business standpoint, Google is safe as long as ChatGPT is a loss-making endeavour, but with a successful monetization model, everything could change. ChatGPT’s immense popularity is showing off the power of current AI, and some users may be willing to pay for its services – which would be a cause for concern for Google if they can’t compete. The potential of ChatGPT is simply incredible – and it looks like it could be a real game-changer!


In conclusion, it is clear that ChatGPT has a lot of potential for becoming a formidable competitor against Google in the realm of AI technology. However, ChatGPT is going to need to find a feasible and effective monetization technique if it hopes to truly challenge Google. Google, meanwhile, is not sitting idle and has its own AI, LaMDA, which it has yet to unveil. This means that Google still has a trick up its sleeve and could be a formidable foe if ChatGPT fails to find a suitable monetization strategy. Ultimately, only time will tell which AI technology will prevail.

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