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Hey, GPT threers. Today we’re going to be showing you how to create an autoresponding YouTube bot which responds to every comment. Don’t believe me? Leave a comment down below and it will get back to you. Now, I’ve been speaking to myself in the comment section like a madman, but it finally works.

I’ll show you how. Let’s jump in.

Okay, so first thing we’re going to need to do is head over to open and log in. Click API and then select Login. Just log in as usual. So what we’re going to do now is head over to Playground and this is where we’re going to work out what exactly our prompt will be. Okay, now we’re over in Playground.

We’re going to do a skeleton just to see what type of responses we’re going to be getting with such instructions.

So after some playing around, I’m finally happy with the model I have. So I decided to go for this format. So I’m giving it the information of what the comment will say. I’m just being very optimistic here. Love your video.

The commenter’s name, I’ll go for the name Alex and how to respond. So this is just instructions for the AI on how to respond to the comments. So pretend that you’re a GPT-3 technology YouTuber. Respond to the comment in the humorous style and in the style of a tech enthusiast YouTuber. The average response is between 100 to 200 words and then end your message with proper newspap sorted.

So if we hit submit, we can see an example response and this looks pretty good, so I’m happy to go on with that. So for this exercise, we’re going to be using Pabbly Pabbly Connect. It’s pretty much similar to Zapier, but a lot more budget friendly. As far as I’m aware. They do offer a free plan which provides 100 tasks per month, so you can give it a try before you buy.

Right now they do have a sale on for 30% off, but if you do use the URL in the description, you can get a lifetime access for one time charge. So up to you which option to take. But for the sake of this demo, you can create a free account. So sign up and let’s go. So here we are in Padley.

We need Pabbly connect. This is the application we’re going to be dealing with today. And so once that’s loaded, we pop over and click Create new workflow. Give it a name, let’s call it YouTube bot UFB youth B bot. So that what that will do.

And we’re off to the races. So Pavilion Connect is very tiered, so it’s very linear. So this is the first step, second step, and then you just add them in steps, so it’s kind of easy to follow. So the first step that we’re going to need for this pot is YouTube. So type in you and select YouTube.

Once we’ve done that, we need to add a trigger event. The trigger event is what causes the next action to happen. It will look for the trigger for every ten minutes. So in our case, we want the trigger to be when a new comment is made on the video. Splendid.

Now let’s punch Connect. And then you’ll probably need to connect your YouTube channel. So you add new connection, give it a name and then connect to your YouTube account. I have mine already done. So I can just select existing connection and hit Save.

Next, we need to say which YouTube video we want the bot to be on. My video isn’t actually published yet, so what we can do is pop over to Matt, give that click, paste in the YouTube video URL and then just delete the prefix. And so we just have the YouTube code and that’s it, we’re done. First step. So, as you can see here, it’s pulled in all the information from the comments from the video, the dates, the timestamps, everything we’re going to need.

So that takes us to the next step. Step two. So in step two, we need to search for open AI. Once that’s done, we need an action event. So give that a click.

For the sake of this demo, we’re going to be generating content. But if you want to make it more complicated, we could cheque moderation and then go on to generating content to make sure there’s no foul language. But I trust the bot will be good enough on its own. So let’s try this with just generate content for now, give it a click and press Connect. Next, it’s going to ask for your API key.

So if you remember, this can be found over in Go to Personal and then view API keys and you can generate them there. So give it a name, put in your API key. I have mine already done. And click save.

Okay, so let’s go through this OpenAI section. So first we want to choose the model. The best one is currently DaVinci Three. That was also the most popular, so give that a punch. And now we want the prompt.

For the prompt, let’s go back to our playground text that we had. And we just want this section. We don’t want the response, we want the prompt itself. So, moving back over to Pabbly, we were going to paste in our instructions and fill in the blanks. So love your video.

Let’s remove that. And we want that to be the text original. Not the display, but the text original. Next, for commenters, name remove Alex. And we are going to go back over to our YouTube information and we are going to select Author, Display, Name and that’s pretty much it.

So play around with the prompts, preferably in Playground, and then paste it when you’re ready to go. Max tokens that can stay at 256. And then the others, as mentioned before, especially Presence penalty and frequency penalty, they can start a default. But if things do get a bit repetitive, then play around with them first. Save and send test.

Okay, so once we’ve done that, we just move on to the last and final third step. So let’s hit the plus sign. And now we want YouTube again because we’re going to be posting to YouTube and now we’ve got our contents. So once you’ve selected that, head over to Action Events. We want reply to comments.

There we have it. And connect. We’ll use the same connection that we had already set up in the previous step. So hit save and then we need to say a what are we going to say? So in our case, it’s the text that we created.

And then finally we want the comment ID so it knows which comment to apply to. So in this case, let’s select YouTube and find the comment ID. So we can find that just by typing comment I. And here we have it, the top level comment ID. And then we can save and test that request.

That’s pretty much it now. So let’s pop over to the video, leave a comment and then wait ten minutes. And there we have it. The content bot is ready and working it’s a little bit on the long side, so I’ll probably tweak that. But yeah, good to go.

Goes and leave a comment and check it out like subscribe and take care. Bye.


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