BING gets its new voice

BING's new voice speaks into a microphone.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is undergoing some major changes with the recent addition of new voice features. According to an official announcement, the introduction of the new Bing mobile app includes voice, one of the preview community’s most requested features [1]. The new Bing mobile app will allow users to search using their voice and will be available on both mobile and desktop. In addition, the Bing app has a new look that is designed to make searches even more intuitive [2].

The Bing App’s New Look and Voice Feature

The updated Bing mobile app has a completely new look, which includes a new Bing icon at the bottom that allows users to start a chat session. This new chat feature enables users to ask simple as well as complex questions and choose how the answers are displayed, such as bullet points, text, or simplified responses [3].

The new Bing app has a voice search feature that enables users to search using their voice. The feature is available on both mobile and desktop, and it is one of the most requested features from the preview community. This feature is designed to make searches even more intuitive and user-friendly. The voice search feature can be activated by simply tapping on the microphone icon [4].

The Benefits of Bing’s New Voice Features

The new voice features on Bing offer a wide range of benefits for users. One of the main advantages is the convenience of being able to search without having to type. Users can simply speak their queries, and Bing will provide them with the relevant results. The voice feature also makes it easier to search while on the go, as users can search for information while driving, walking, or doing other tasks that require the use of their hands.

Another benefit of the new voice features is that they are designed to be more accurate and efficient than typing. The voice recognition technology used in the new Bing app is highly advanced and can accurately transcribe even complex queries. This makes it easier for users to get the information they need quickly and easily.

Microsoft’s Continued Investment in AI and Voice Technology

The addition of voice features to the Bing app is part of Microsoft’s ongoing investment in AI and voice technology. The company has been making significant strides in the development of AI-powered voice assistants, such as Cortana, and is committed to providing users with the latest advancements in voice recognition technology [5].

One of the benefits of Microsoft’s investment in AI and voice technology is that it is making search more accessible to users. The new Bing app with voice search features is a good example of this, as it provides a more convenient and user-friendly way to search for information online. Additionally, Microsoft’s investment in voice technology is helping to create a more inclusive online experience for users who may have difficulty using a keyboard or mouse [6].

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